Viva Scandinavia, the art of tea

Viva Scandinavia wants to make simple and beautiful objects to sublimate your tea experience.

It was in Denmark in Copenhagen that the brand Viva Scandinavia was born. It is there that it draws its Scandinavian roots and is inspired daily life of this way of life to offer us functional objects with sober and elegant design.

The particularity of the brand lies in the creation of objects specially designed for tea as well as the meticulous manufacture of these. Tea is at the heart of the brand's identity. Its motto ? "With a cup of tea everything is arranged".

The love of handmade

Each of the teapotscups or carafes are handmade by craftsmen who pay particular attention to the choice of materials and the durability of the products. Porcelain, cork, wood, borosilicate glass, ... These materials intermingled with each other give a very warm atmosphere that makes our tea break even more Zen.

The design is clean, minimalist. There is just what you need to enjoy a tea break in optimal conditions and delight occasional consumers to the most connoisseur consumers.

An invitation to relax

Viva Scandinavia objects allow you to compose elegant tables with Scandinavian design. The beauty of the collection radiates. Just add simple cloth napkins, a bouquet of flowers to your table and you're done!

The whiteness of the porcelain, the transparency of the glass, the warmth of the wood, the softness of the pastel colors of the cups gives a cocooning atmosphere to your table.

You will also be able to compose pretty plates of breakfasts, brunch, for a moment of relaxation !


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