Welcome to the minimalist apartment of Sara

We discovered the minimalist world of Sara on Instagram.

We immediately flashed on the clean and soft atmosphere that emanates from her apartment. The colors (terracotta, rose, wood) are inspired by nature, the large kitchen open to the living room and the large garden, bring a feeling of freshness.

This is actually two apartments reunited. To create a coherent new set, Sara and her husband had to review traffic and change partitions. "To create a unit by bringing together the two apartments we redid the plan. We modified the door to have a real living room and create an entrance, and we divided the old studio to create two new rooms." The unit is also color-coded, beige and white dominate in every room, some notes of blush and terracotta come to enhance the whole.


At Sara, there are no things lying around, everything is tidy in cupboards. Storage units are often simple furniture that the couple has adjusted to meet their needs. White and beige are the basis of his decor. "I have a hard time putting on some color," says Sara. At my parents, it was very clean, and as we are on the ground floor it brings more light."

Thanks to Sara for opening her doors!



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